Cheers, Creative Enthusiasts, 

Many of you have seen the Power Of One: Preventing Suicide in America logo that I created for Alivia Tagliaferri's project. Giant Leaps Creative is proud to be working with Team Power Of One on other marketing materials as well, helping fight the good fight in our efforts with suicide prevention. Alivia has recently completed the intro video for her documentary as well, that you can view at the below link to learn more about the project, as well as consider contributing to help make sure this documentary gets made.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 6.29.04 PM.png


In Alivia's own words:

Friends, Power of One is really close to our 10% milestone. So very thankful to our funders who have made the first 2 weeks of our first-ever fundraising campaign so amazing. For those who've not yet had a chance to contribute, please visit our campaign tonight and learn about our mission and our rewarding perks and help us reach this milestone. Thank you so much for your support. Many of you are our close friends and family and your participation in this project means the world.

Inform. Inspire. Empower.

-- Team Power of One

I know it is the holiday season, and we are all busy running around buying presents for our loved ones. Honoring those that are here to celebrate life with us is so incredibly important. During this season of love and family, please consider even a small donation for an incredible cause (a portion is tax-deductible as we near year's end). I do hope that you enjoy your holidays with your friends and family. 

To your creative endeavors!
Onward and upward.

Cathy Broadwell
Giant Leaps Creative LLC