Hello, Creative Enthusiasts,

I recently saw this Android phone commercial, and it brought a smile to my face. I enjoy where Android is going with their marketing campaign, "Be together. Not the Same." Why? I loved the creativity, the fast-paced action, the humor, the inclusiveness and fun of it (vs. the exclusive and "hipster" feeling of other marketing campaigns, such as Apple), and yes, I loved the addition of the same sex marriage proposal. I recently attended my first same sex wedding (which was totally awesome, btw!), and I liked the forward thinking aspect of this advertisement. A depiction of a gay relationship is still relatively taboo in the advertising industry, and most companies are probably still too nervous to go that route. Kudos to Android for taking the brave step and breaking the mold. 

Check it out for yourself if you have not seen it...


What is your first reaction to the commercial? Love it or hate it? I did see there is quite a bit of controversy online about this ad. I think it's great to get people talking! What do you think?

To your creative endeavors!
Onward and upward.

Cathy Broadwell
Giant Leaps Creative LLC