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Once again I have had the pleasure of working with some fine people recently. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Miner for the first time at the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. I found her to be a breath of fresh air and a lovely human being. I got to know her even better recently at The Connection Effect’s Utah Retreat back in April. This was an incredibly immersive environment of positive world-changers all looking to create something great in an effort to help our fellow human beings out there any way that we can – because giving back feels just so damn good... for everybody!

Well giving back is exactly what Elizabeth Miner and her business Thrive This Day is all about. She is on a mission to help others succeed and thrive – whether they are coming from a disadvantaged place and digging their way out of a big hole, or creating large shifts in their career and looking to achieve greatness. I was absolutely honored when she came to me to create the cover of this inspirational and amazing book full of her hard-earned educational tools to achieve success with any endeavor. It was a blast to create a visual representation that spoke quickly to how any one of us can flip our fortune and circumstances around if we just set our mind to a goal, and then work diligently towards achieving that goal. In a word, this book ROCKS and anyone can benefit from the awesome tips that are inside. 

To get your copy of “The Flipside of Failure”, just   click here   or the image above. 

To get your copy of “The Flipside of Failure”, just click here or the image above. 

My great friend, David Ryan – who also attended both events I mentioned above – I thought put it best. Thanks for letting me borrow your words, Dave. You are a great writer. :-)

Have you found it difficult to attain the success you've been looking for? Have you tried to set goals you thought were achievable, but seem to have a hard time reaching them?

You might be making some easily remedied mistakes in your goal-setting process.

Luckily for you, a very dear friend of mine, Elizabeth Miner, has just released her new book: The Flipside of Failure. In it, she offers a program that breaks down each step in goal achievement to ensure maximum, repeatable success. 

Are you tired of seeing success just beyond your reach? Read The Flipside of Failure and finally achieve the greatness you've been looking for!

[By the way, this is NOT an affiliate link and I get nothing from this financially - just the warm fuzzies from helping out a friend!]

And in the author’s own words:

This is a unique time in history when countless amazing opportunities are possible to so many people. So why is it so difficult to succeed?  

The process that has been taught to set and accomplish goals is inadequate and doesn’t take into account the vast amount of competing activities in the calendars of those wishing to achieve more out of life. 

The Flipside of Failure is the missing ingredient to your achieving success. This program takes each step in goal achievement and breaks it down to insure maximum, repeatable success. 

Pick up this copy of “The Flipside of Failure” and join me as we work together to dream, plan and achieve the life and goals you seek. 

— Elizabeth

Sign me up, Elizabeth! This is exactly what I need right now for various projects that I am working on. I love your no-nonsense, get right to the point attitude with tangible methods to success. THANK YOU so much for sharing your gifts and your light with the world. We need people like you to guide us to better and more productive places, helping us all achieve more together. You are AWESOME!!!


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