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Recently I had the honor of being interviewed by my great friend and colleague, Casey Lightbody to share the story of my journey with her community at Empowered Women Revolution. Her mission is help foster a global community of women with small voices who have big dreams, one courageous, gentle step at a time. I am so fortunate that I got to know and work alongside Casey through an online course that I took called World Changer’s Blueprint ( But I also was thrilled to meet her in person as we both strived for excellence by attending the World Domination Summit together last summer in Portland, Oregon. She is just as lovely, vivacious and enthusiastic in person as she is online. It was a delight to share my story of overcoming shyness and self-doubt in my youth, and share tips and strategies for how I have made bravery a “practice” and utilized tenacity in my own personal life and career to achieve my dreams. 

With Casey’s mission at Empowered Women, daring ladies share how they faced both the highs and lows that come up along the way of living a life with heart and passion. Her previous interviewees all have such wisdom and a wide rage of tools in their belts to live extraordinary lives, and she shares this wisdom and practical tools they use with the world through her podcast to help other’s learn along the way. This interview with Casey helped me realize just how privileged I’ve been over my personal development journey to meet such a wealth of inspiring souls, all of whom are leaving a beautiful mark on this world. I am proud to have a generous spirit such as Casey in my circle.

Casey is a true inspiration and just rocking her life and her mission! I am so proud of her and her work. In her own words, here is Casey’s vision for her Revolution:

“This is a space for quiet women entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, commiserate and celebrate. A place where you’ll be welcomed, embraced, challenged and supported by other women just like you.

We know what it feels like to live the crazy, frenetic life of chasing a vision. To try and blaze a trail while juggling the (let’s face it, never-ending) demands of your business, your life, your friends and your family. To be filled with passion and determination, but be held back at every turn by secret fears and doubts.

We’re here to share our experiences and yours, to laugh and cry with you, to cheer you on - and above all to make sure that the challenges you face never bring you to your knees.

We’re here because we believe with all our hearts that for self-conscious, heart-filled women like us, the support and conviction of a strong, loving community is absolutely essential.

That together we can empower each other to not be held find our voices and achieve our dreams!”

Click the image above to listen to the interview. We would be honored if you would take a brief moment to leave a short review in   iTunes   about this podcast.

Click the image above to listen to the interview. We would be honored if you would take a brief moment to leave a short review in iTunes about this podcast.

Casey! Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a voice to help your community any way that I can. I never would have been able to venture off on my own and start my creative agency without overcoming my bouts with shyness, self-doubt and fear. Giant Leaps Creative would not exist without overcoming those challenges. My hope is that more and more people will find your work and overcome their own challenges to help make their own lives and thus the world a better place for all of us! Cheers! Keep up the great work!

Folks, if you are so inclined, I invite you to subscribe to Casey’s Empowered Women podcast and rate and review it in iTunes if you like what you hear. :-)


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Onward and upward.

Cathy Broadwell
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