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Here at Giant Leaps Creative (GLC), we are passionate about helping support worthy causes in any way possible, including creating support materials promoting powerful missions. Power Of One: Preventing Suicide in America is an incredibly worthy cause that GLC has been helping brand and promote with various marketing materials, working closely with Alivia Tagliaferri – the director, filmmaker and good friend. I greatly appreciate the work she is doing, and stand beside her furthering this mission. Featured here is our four-color, tri-fold brochure, and media kit, stepped inserts (featuring our new logo) that were all produced via Ron Vermette at Tray, Inc. Ron came through efficiently, speedily and with a smile and great attitude when we needed him. Thanks, Ron for a great job!

Power of One: Preventing Suicide in America   four-color, tri-fold brochure, and stepped media kit inserts, all printed with Ron Vermette at  Tray, Inc.

Power of One: Preventing Suicide in America four-color, tri-fold brochure, and stepped media kit inserts, all printed with Ron Vermette at Tray, Inc.

Every 15 minutes, someone in America dies by suicide. This documentary explores the risk factors and features the people trying to prevent it. I would like to invite you to consider helping make the documentary film: Power of One: Preventing Suicide in America a reality by contributing even a small amount, such as $10 (by clicking here). Your donation is tax deductible, but you get so much more! Let's not lose more of our friends and family to suicide. Let's help prevent it! 

“The life I touch for good or ill will touch another, and that in turn another, until who knows where the trembling stops, or in what far place my touch will be felt. Our lives are linked together. No man is an island.”
       -- Frederick Buechner, “The Hungering Dark”

Here is Alivia’s description of her upcoming documentary:

Power of One: Preventing Suicide in America is a feature documentary about suicide and suicide prevention. The title and program reflect the profound impact we have on the lives of those around us. We feel this impact acutely when we lose a love one to suicide; we also feel its reverberations when one person helps prevent suicide. 

Power of One will address complicated root causes and contributing factors of suicide, but also share stories of hope, resiliency, recovery and prevention. 

Our focal areas include: 
• teenagers and young adults
• the LBGT community
• military service members and families 
• former sports players and middle aged men
• veterans
• senior citizens and elderly 

Her goal: Create an informative, insightful and nuanced documentary to be utilized as an anchor for national outreach to talk to Americans about suicide and suicide prevention.


Thank you, Alivia Tagliaferri for your hard work on this documentary.

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