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I recently had the privilege of being tasked to brand a new company called GoSend for my friend and colleague Rich Rodgers, CEO – working under the parent company of TransitSystems – moving and shipping experts. GoSend is a new concept for offering affordable, competitive product purchase and shipping for foreign-based customers to ship to the U.S., using a tax-free Delaware warehouse to save their customers money. It is international shopping and shipping made simple, easy and convenient. Awesome!

To create this new brand, we focused on the international aspect and conducted research on the competition, as well as foreign mailing companies and branding. We wanted to create a feeling of trust and credibility in the customer’s eyes using GoSend’s convenient shipping services (versus the competition, that does NOT also offer the tax-free advantage). After much experimentation, we finally landed on a yellow, black and light grey logo with an international feel, featuring an arrow to indicate movement and efficiency. The rounded corners and dotted lines are reminiscent of European mailing services. We also were sensitive to using an easy-to-read, friendly font. 

Next came business cards. Rich really wanted his business cards to POP and stand out! After many design options were explored, we settled on these sharp looking cards, featuring silver foil stamping surrounded by black matte finish on the front, and clean, easy to navigate information on the back with icons for all of the social media and various contact information. We finished it off with rounded corners to coordinate with the logo itself. Boom! Instant appeal and great completed look. To achieve this final product, we used a company called MetroInk Printing in Staten Island, NY, and we were very pleased with the result. Thanks so much, guys!

Silver foil stamped, black matte finish on the front, four color printing on the back, finished off with rounded corners – all printed on 16PT silk card stock . Production by  MetroInk Printing  in NY. 

Silver foil stamped, black matte finish on the front, four color printing on the back, finished off with rounded corners – all printed on 16PT silk card stock . Production by MetroInk Printing in NY. 

Recently, in an online forum, a colleague asked:

“Curious: what is your position on having business cards? Do you have them? Has it made a big difference to your networking capabilities? Or do you think most people just pocket them and never follow up? I think they are kinda old-fashioned.”

My answer:

“It was the first thing that I created when I started my business. I gave away the entire first box in a month. I place several of them in thank you cards, checks to vendors and keep them in purses and briefcases to hand out on the fly. The business card isn’t old. Mediocre, boring design is old.

Also, I have gotten clients via my business cards. ‘Old school’ people keep the cards and refer back to them, others give them to their friends as referrals, and I recently got a client in Europe when I sent her a gift with my card in it. Whoot! I get compliments on the design, so it’s good to make memorable, nice cards that stand out.”

Your business cards are often the first impression that you are making with a new contact – why not make a great one? Also, many of us don’t easily memorize names and website addresses upon first meeting someone. Your business card is a great way to remind them later after they get back to their office how to get in touch with you. Lastly, it’s a great idea to make notes on the back of a business card how you met that person, what you have in common with them, and any other pertinent information to keep handy for future use as you develop a relationship with your new colleague. Business cards are handy indeed and a valuable tool for your business as it grows. 

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