Hello, Creative Enthusiasts,

It is my mission here at Giant Leaps Creative to give a portion of our profits to a worthy cause each year. This year, we have selected the documentary film, Power Of One: Preventing Suicide in America, both because it is an incredibly worthy cause, and also because GLC has been hard at work on the logo and other marketing materials, working closely with Alivia Tagliaferri – the director, filmmaker and good friend to yours truly, Cathy Broadwell. I greatly appreciate the work she is doing, and stand beside her furthering this mission.

I would like to invite you to consider helping make the documentary film: Power of One: Preventing Suicide in America a reality by contributing even a small amount, such as $10. Your donation is tax deductible, but you get so much more! Let's not lose more of our friends and family to suicide. Let's help prevent it! 

Thank you, Alivia Tagliaferri for your hard work on this documentary.

ONWARD and UPWARD – 2015

Giant Leaps Creative would like to select two charities to give a portion of our profits to in 2015! Would you like to provide your two cents by offering your suggestion? I would like to find a worthy cause that helps children in need, as well as helps take care of all creatures in the form of animals, big and small. Do you already have a favorite charity in that realm that you would like me to consider for 2015? Please write me directly, or simply add a comment below. I highly appreciate your input, and will review each suggestion personally. Once I have made a selection, I will help promote your charity here with details about their mission. Let's team up!

To your creative endeavors!
Onward and upward.

Cathy Broadwell
Giant Leaps Creative LLC